Each person has their own answer to whether they want to exercise alone or with a class. Many have mixed emotions regarding group-cycling classes. Many will always comment that they would rather go cycling on the road rather than cycling inside the house. The ones who got to experience the bliss on indoor cycling with a group or alone would answer that they didn’t have to worry about the unpredictable weather when they are biking outside.

There are many differences between biking alone and with a group. There are benefits and disadvantages that come with each choice. When you are at your house, you make the rules, and there’s more comfort. But those who are more social would want to enrol for a class. Either way, it will depend on you.

Advantages in cycling at home

There are many advantages when you start exercising on spin bike at home. All you have to do is to invest on a stationary bike, and you don’t have to pay more money at the gym for classes. You don’t need to pay for transportation, and you will not be confronted with gossips among people. If you will exercise at home, you will be the ones to choose what music to be played, or what movie will be playing. Exercising at home is like a break from social interaction, and you can focus more on yourself.

Disadvantages in cycling at home

Although exercising at home is really comfortable, you will have problems in motivation. Sometimes, you will be distracted when someone visits, or you need to answer an email. There will be times when you just want to lie down your bed, and no one will push you to ride on the bike.


Advantages of exercising with people

According to a professional volleyball player and personal trainer, her first cycling class was very motivating. People would let you bike on your own pace but then you will be inspired to push yourself when you see how others are thriving on their own. Another trainer said that group classes are effective because the instructor will make it exciting by switching between routines such as hill climbing and then speed drills. These are some perks that your house could not offer. The music played will be unpredictable and then will match the atmosphere. The class would also motivate you not to pick up your phone in the middle of the exercise.  There will there be no unexpected visitors who will disturb your exercise too.

Disadvantages of Group-Cycling Class

Because you are working with people, you can’t help it if there will be an emerging competition among people. You will also be pushing yourself forward than you only could do. This is great if you are aiming to burn more calories, but if you just want to exercise in a mellow way then you could just ride your stationary bike at home. You might get burned out by getting pushed by the instructor and your fellows in the room, putting unnecessary pressure in yourself. Some instructors will not be kind and will not think twice in yelling at you to work harder especially if the music is loud. This will be stressful to some people instead of relaxing them.

In the end, you are free to choose which place you would go to either to be alone or to meet new people while getting fit. The most important thing is that you should be motivated in achieving your goals whether with people or not. It starts within you, and wherever you will be, with the right attitude then you could surpass every challenge.