Benefits of Integrating Netsuite With Salesforce Today, you cannot talk about business without mentioning technology. Lots of IT applications that can enhance business efficiency exist. The drawback of most applications is that they fail to easily integrate with one another. Business operations lack consistency due to this. Some of the most critical applications for managing a business has to be systems such as CRM and ERP. A lot of business automate functions like finance, accounting, purchasing, order fulfillment and employee management through the help of ERP software. Equally, CRM software role is to help businesses in marketing and acquire customers. Running the two software separately is a big disadvantage. This as a result of the applications being interdependent. A majority of companies prefer using salesforce for marketing and lead management but favor netsuite when it comes to tasks such as finance and accounting. People love salesforce for lead management and marketing, although it can also do various back office functions. People favor netsuite for back office functions, despite the fact that it can also be utilized for marketing and lead management. It is only logical that the two applications are integrated due to the fact that they are both loved. Companies can benefit from both applications from a single platform because of integration. The benefits of integrating netsuite with salesforce are summarized in the remainder of this article. Manage Data Better
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Data management is one of the main reasons for fusing saleforce with netsuite If you run the two applications separately, then you’ll waste time and make a lot of errors. Integrating the two applications makes it easy to transfer data automatically. One can for example export data from saleforce to netsuite, also the reverse process is possible. In this case, salesforce captures and nurtures a lead before transferring the information to netsuite where sales orders are generated. Integrating the two streamlines the process of lead management to cash. When salesforce and netsuite are integrated, companies can enjoy better cashflow. Additionally, automatic data transfer eliminates errors that can be caused by manual transfer.
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Accurate Sales Quotes One can access accurate sales quotes from netsuite financials when salesforce and netsuite are integrated. This allows salespeople to send leads the accurate sales quotes. Back Office Tracking Integrating salesforce with netsuite allows salespeople to track every detail in netsuite right within saleforce. One can track the customers order from the beginning to the end because of this functionality. It is finally critical to understand how the process of connecting salesforce with netsuite works. An efficient way is to integrate the two apps with a connecting application. If you are looking for a trusted connecting app for integrating salesforce and netsuite, then you must do a bit of homework. One of the top connecting app in the market is Celigo.